Here at Origin Pro Roofing, we have developed our expertise in high performance liquid waterproofing systems over the last two decades.

We believe liquid applied roofing systems provide the most cost-effective and highest quality waterproofing solutions on the market. Liquids allow flexibility in application to deal with even the most detailed of roofs. 

Whatever type of roofing you have, it's impossible to completely avoid the general wear-and-tear that comes with the changing seasons and extreme weather conditions. A roof’s components contract in the winter months and expand in the summer months. The continuous cycle of contraction and expansion take a substantial toll on the material of the roof thus in time encourage deterioration. Once you start to notice your roofing getting to the point where you’re having to deal with issues such as leaking, cracking and general insulation problems, it may be time to consider an alternative. 

What is liquid roofing?

Essentially, liquid roofing is an advanced polymeric material that when applied to a surface has a protective barrier that protects it against the elements. It’s suited to a variety of roof types, this includes flat, pitched, and domed roofing. The application process includes applying coatings of monolithic liquid based coating that forms a rubber-like waterproof membrane. The coating can be applied over the majority of traditional roofing materials including asphalt and concrete. There’s no wonder that liquid spray-applied coating is one of the most favoured roofing applications in Europe.



One of the main benefits of liquid roofing is that it’s waterproof - and it immediately becomes watertight after the first application. It can even be applied during periods of heavy rain - this will have absolutely no effect on its quality or durability. The coating can have a lifespan of anywhere between 5 and 30 years depending on the environment it’s in.


Liquid roofs are also beneficial for the environment. The installation of a tiled roof requires intensive labour and costs more. Traditional roofing must be properly disposed of and usually ends up in landfills - this is without considering the additional costs of skip hire and transportation fees added on top. Another beneficial point is that liquid roofing does not require the removal of the initial roof as it's just coated on top, saving time and money and reducing additional waste.


Another advantage is that liquid roofing will last you much longer than other types of roofing, often needing little maintenance and less repairs. It's much less likely to crack or peel, another reason why it’s a viable alternative to traditional roofing.

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