What is a GRP Flat Roof?

GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Polyester, more commonly known as fibreglass. The process of using this for flat roofing has been around for more than 50 years. It is a system that has developed quite a lot over the last 20 years and today’s cold-applied systems are durable and cost-effective.

What Are The Benefits of a GRP Flat Roof?

  • GRP flat roofs are safer to install: Other types of roofing require the application of high levels of heat which can be damaging and sometimes dangerous if not properly applied. GRP flat roofs are applied cold using a special resin that cures when a catalyst is added.
  • Fibreglass is suitable for any shape roof: The flexibility of GRP flat roofing means that it can easily be applied to both large areas and small as well as fit any design. Materials can be cut to the shape of the roof and the appropriate trims used to cover a surface effectively.
  • GRP flat roofs are strong and durable: If you spend money on putting down a new roof, you want it to last. Fibreglass is one of the most durable materials in construction today which is why these systems tend to come with lengthy warranties of more than 20 years. Well maintained, you can realistically expect a Origin Pro Roofing applied flat roof to last a lifetime.

Because there are no seams in the roof and an effective waterproof covering is used, there is little opportunity for cracks to develop causing leaks, even after many years. If repairs are needed at any point, the whole roof can remain intact and specific areas treated. That makes it cost-effective even in the long term.

Can You Walk on a Fibreglass Roof?

Yes, you can walk on a fibreglass roof. There are different grades of GRP flat roofing that are suitable for different circumstances. If you want to create a walkway or patio area for a bar or restaurant, GRP flat roofing systems are ideal.

Is a GRP Flat Roof Better Than Other Roofing Solutions?

There are other flat roofing systems such as reinforced bitumen, asphalt and EPDM. All of these have their good and bad points. Bitumen, for example, requires heat to apply and can be difficult to repair in patches but it is durable.

GRP flat roofs are easy to put down, durable and long-lasting which means that they have a big advantage over other systems. Because they can be laid in a relatively short time and have competitive costing attached to them, they are also the most popular kind of flat roofing seen in the UK.

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